Black Snake Moan

Welcome to, the #1 Fan Site of the movie Black Snake Moan.  This is a highly entertaining film directed by Craig Brewer with plenty of great acting and music.  As if Cristina Ricci spending the majority of her scenes in her underwear were not enough, viewers are treated to blues classics by the Black Keys, Son House, and Muddy Waters throughout the film.  Add in strong performances by Samuel L. Jackson and cast along with many humorous scenes and its easy to see why this movie has become a fan favorite.

Movie Synopsis:

Christina Ricci does a stellar job portraying the main character of the film named Rae.  Samuel L. Jackson plays Lazarus who is a religious farmer and former blues guitarist.  Rae is a young nymphomaniac with mental issues caused by being sexual abused as a child. Lazarus wasn’t always a bitter old man, but once he found out his wife and brother were in a relationship, it left him to be very angry and bitter. Rae’s boyfriend Ronnie, who is played by Justin Timberlake leaves for deployment in an Artillery Brigade in the Tennessee National Guard. His absence, causes Rae to begin her promiscuity and usage of drugs. During one of her binges, one of Ronnie’s friends named Gill (played by Michael Raymond-James) tries to rape her. She begins to laugh at how he tries to seduce her even comparing him with other men. This angers Gill and causes him to severely beat her. Believing she is dead, Gill dumps Rae on the road, leaving her for dead.

Lazarus finds Rae unconscious on the road the next morning and decides to bring her to his nearby house to nurse her. Lazarus then sees Tehronne played by David Banner. Tehronne was the man whom Lazarus thought had physically beaten her. This is the same time where he discovers her promiscuity. After several days in and out of consciousness, Rae awakes to find herself chained to the radiator.  Lazarus tells her that it’s his spiritual duty to completely heal her from all her sinful ways telling her that it’s the reason why he refuses to let her leave. Rae however makes a couple attempts to escape, even briefly having sex with one of the teenage boys who helps out with Lazarus’ farm. She then eventually comes to live and tolerate her position. He then buys her a dress, plays a blues song on the guitar for her, as well as feeds her a home-cooked meal. Lazarus’ close friend and pastor decides to visit Lazarus at his home and discovers how Lazarus has been imprisoning Rae. R.L. then tries to reason and make a deal with Lazarus where they later share a meal.

In the meantime, Ronnie returns to his home town after he was discharged from the Guard because of the severe anxiety disorder he was diagnosed with. While looking for Rae, who has disappeared and was nearly murdered, he bumps into the culprit Gill. He is then told by Gill that Rae always cheats on him every time he goes out of town. This angers Ronnie and he Gill, and then takes his truck to continue on his searching for Rae.

The next morning, Lazarus decides to free Rae, having decided how he has no authority to have any judgment on her. However, Rae decides to stay with him from her own will. Laz plays the Blind Lemon Jefferson song for which the movie and are named on his guitar which provides comfort to the healing Rae.  After that, Rae and Lazarus takes a trip to town, where Rae gains the courage to confront her mother played regarding the sexual abuse that she had to deal with because of her mother’s partner when she was a young girl. Meanwhile, Lazarus begins a budding and unexpected romance with the local pharmacist named Angela. This allows him to play at the blues concert at the local bar, where Rae dances with every guys in the building as Ronnie witnesses while looking through the window.  The next morning he tracks her down at Lazarus’ home. He confronts the two with a pistol, however Lazarus calls his bluff and eventually backs him down as one of his anxiety attacks begins.  Lazarus summons his pastor friend played by John Cothran. Rae and Ronnie then decide how they will be a lot stronger as a couple when they aren’t apart and decide to get married. While leaving Lazarus’ house, Ronnie suffers from a panic attack which makes Rae begin to break down, though when together they are able to overcome their ailments.

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